In this class students will learn how to use their breath and how to move their bodies to help manage stress and to connect with their feelings in a positive way. They will learn the value of teamwork and be immersed in the value and learning of kindness and compassion. This class is fun and interactive and we will focus on smiling and laughing and every single session.

Instructor: Kendra Rossney

Location: gymnasium

This program based on the idea that pre-schoolers like to pretend and explore and learn!  In this class, they play the role of scientists and explore themes that encompass a physical connection to the world around them.   Each lesson is designed to provide a sensory experience to enhance a child’s natural curiosity. We explore “forces of nature,” (gravity, momentum, etc.) and “actions and reactions” (what happens when two things mix or collide?). Each class starts with a brief discussion about the week’s theme. Then we conduct experiments, asking for predictions and observations. The outcomes always include learning and having fun!!



In this program our goal is to open children’s mind to creative possibility. What better place to start than Park School!  We use simple artistic techniques, basic tools, and combine recycled everyday materials  with a lil’ information & lil’ group discussion.  While having fun getting their hands dirty, stretching their minds & creating cool take away projects, elementary school aged children will have the opportunity to learn through play, simple techniques, and complex concepts... LOADS of FUN!


Instructor: Tamara Bridgewater

Classroom: 119

Zumba Stretch is a heart healthy fun class that has multifaceted benefits for children! The children will improve coordination and anaerobic endurance.  Zumba creates self confidence in body movement that helps in overcoming shyness leading to a desire to exercise more!



Instructor: Sara Martinez

Location: gymnasium

This is the first step for the young dancer, incorporating ballet movement in a semi-structured class using improvisation and musical play, and introducing center-floor work.  These classes work at an age-appropriate level while developing strength, coordination, and musicality.


Instructor: Kristina Lindbergh

Classroom: 116

The classes provide an introduction to cooking while teaching the students about quality, and seasonal fresh foods that are obtained locally. Class includes lecture, demonstration and supervised hands-on involvement by children to experience the satisfaction of preparing and sharing creations together. The instructor is responsible for providing ingredients and materials. Any food allergies of registered children must be brought to the instructor’s attention prior to first class.

Instructor: Laurie Gershgorn

Classroom 120