Driver Education Make-up Classes

New York State Education requires 24 hours of lecture and a combination of 24 hours driving and observation.  The District’s program is 16 weeks.  This means there is a zero absence policy to successfully complete this program per New York State Requirements.  Missing classes cannot be made up outside the program.  You may not purchase additional classes.

Students who miss classes risk not completing the program at their own jeopardy.  While every effort is made to accommodate emergencies, the district does not guarantee the availability of make-up classes for any portion of the Driver Education Program.  However, when circumstances permit missed classes may be made up per the following direction.

Lecture Classes

In most semester programs lecture classes meet on Wednesdays and Fridays.  When this is the case, there exists a possibility of making up a missed class.  A student who misses his regularly scheduled lecture class may, with the permission of the program administrator and lecture teacher, make up that lost class by attending the alternately scheduled class that week.   


Driving Lessons

Each semester students are given a weekly schedule for driving lessons.  If he misses a lesson he must wait until a spot becomes available in the master schedule.  This opportunity cannot be guaranteed; therefore, it is very important students attend each scheduled lesson.